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Now that I have some breathing room, it's time to outline the sequel to "Pack Dynamics."

So far, I have a pair of reminders at the top of the page: Pick up the threads left over from the last novel, and drop a couple a threads in this one to leave for the next one; and start exploring larger issues in this world I'm building.

If only I knew what those "larger issues" actually are. Guess I should figure that out...

And, shut up, no, this thing will never see the light of day. That filter you're supposed to have that says "Hey, that dub-con prison sex scene between your lady vampire and your married werewolf? You shouldn't write that" is apparently missing from my head.

Don't get me wrong, I might revisit it after heavy revisions. It needs expansion, retraction, and then splitting before it's actually fit for human consumption. But it should most certainly not be Book Two. However, I can lay the tracks for it to be Books Three and Four, if I decide I actually want to go there.

But first. Book Two. Here, bunny bunny bunny...
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