Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Pix from yesterday's trip to Antelope Island, part 2

In this set, mammals and baby great horned owls.

 photo Bison5071_zpspb01ydx0.jpg

 photo Bison5072_zpsap91pp5c.jpg

 photo Bison5107_zpszcfmfup9.jpg

 photo Bison5110_zpsr063itgs.jpg

Coyote, which you hardly ever see. He was wet because it was quite rainy:
 photo Coyote4869_zps42ay9d8w.jpg

 photo Coyote4886_zpsykvw4hzt.jpg

Juvenile great horned owls (another new bird for my life list, because while I've held one, I've never seen a wild one):
 photo GreatHornedOwlJuv5027_zps040feakx.jpg

 photo GreatHornedOwlJuv5037_zpsyrdpctyv.jpg

 photo GreatHornedOwlJuv5052_zps8teye9pk.jpg

 photo GreatHornedOwlJuv5055_zpscaiwa564.jpg

 photo GreatHornedOwlJuv5060_zpsnkv6gqpg.jpg

 photo GreatHorneOwlJuv5050_zpsucnfdxlo.jpg

Mule deer:
 photo MuleDeer4964_zpsnl4cuybv.jpg

 photo MuleDeer5091_zpsix2x7ysj.jpg

 photo MuleDeer5092_zpsyqpoatt5.jpg

 photo MuleDeer5095_zpst4oppibz.jpg

 photo MuleDeer5100_zpsuirs1crg.jpg

Pronghorn antelope:
 photo Pronghorn5075_zpszikvxsav.jpg

 photo Pronghorn5078_zpscxgagdyw.jpg
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