Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Farmington Bay Birdwatching Pictures batch#1

I ended up with 58 photos I liked. I'm going to post the insects by themselves, in this post, of which there are eight. Then 25 each in two more posts.

Cabbage butterflies, one in flight:
 photo CabbageButterfly01_zpsxzzuqnja.png

Some kind of checkerspot (I think):
 photo Checkerspot_zps0ey8izll.png

Various dragonflies:
 photo Dragonfly01_zpswfzllbvm.png

 photo Dragonfly02_zpstd6jojd2.png

 photo Dragonfly03_zpsyyirmyf0.png

 photo Dragonfly04_zpsvhlxkou0.png

 photo Dragonfly05_zpsibqmgwak.png

 photo Dragonfly06_zpsnpoh1emu.png

Tags: birdwatching, farmington bay, pix
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