Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Farmington Bay Birdwatching Pictures batch#2

The only time I saw the Black-Crowned Night Heron was in flight:
 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron01_zpsjfjoz9xr.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron02_zpsx1p5slxe.png

A Cinnamon Teal:
 photo CinnamonTeal_zpsjopreylt.png

Baby American Coots are ridiculous:
 photo Coot01_zpspbue6yko.png

 photo Coot02_zpshz0vt59s.png

 photo Coot03_zpsqtdh05zt.png

An Eastern Kingbird. I hardly ever get to see these, so that was a treat:
 photo EasternKingbird01_zpstmjbiklo.png

Forster's Terns in flight. Yes, I had a party with these:
 photo ForstersTern01_zpsnixsacdv.png

 photo ForstersTern02_zpszzwnfvne.png

 photo ForstersTern03_zpsssi0kigg.png

 photo ForstersTern04_zpsszp22nc5.png

 photo ForstersTern05_zpsq0vp5zyz.png

 photo ForstersTern06_zpshffzxi4r.png

 photo ForstersTern07_zpsx6ccjhh3.png

 photo ForstersTern08_zps9rzjpm1t.png

 photo ForstersTern09_zpspwik7pdi.png

 photo ForstersTern10_zpspa8hr0qk.png

 photo ForstersTern11_zpsofzfw6wh.png

Great Blue Herons:
 photo GreatBlueHeron01_zpsaodw90pn.png

 photo GreatBlueHeron02_zpsaskyd0x2.png

 photo GreatBlueHeron03_zpshm4v8gww.png

A Snowy Egret and a White-Faced Ibis:
 photo IbisampEgret_zpscxtytj1p.png

American Kestrels:
 photo Kestrel01_zpsnst5m9dl.png

 photo Kestrel02_zpsoahurhtl.png

 photo Kestrel03_zpsz2r08nlz.png
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