Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Farmington Bay Birdwatching Pictures batch#3

And here's the second batch of bird photos:

A Killdeer:
 photo Killdeer01_zpsjkupcatw.png

Red-winged Blackbirds:
 photo RWBlackbird01_zpsr368jhrq.png

 photo RWBlackbird02_zpsquwctrne.png

 photo RWBlackbird03_zpspbxsm4qu.png

Snowy Egrets:
 photo SnowyEgret01_zpseptgzy0t.png

 photo SnowyEgret02_zpsrshwz9ta.png

 photo SnowyEgret03_zpsix8fjye0.png

I have no idea what this is. I've sent these pix to Utah Birds to see if they know Turns out it's a young Bullock's Oriole:
 photo UnknownBird01_zpsucosrv7h.png

 photo UnknownBird02_zpsn7k04p9q.png

 photo UnknownBird03_zpsn5on2pxu.png

Western Grebe:
 photo WesternGrebe01_zps7tynphhs.png

Western Kingbirds:
 photo WesternKingbird01_zps8wdtc4ia.png

 photo WesternKingbird02_zpsy9ouruzb.png

White-faced Ibis:
 photo WhiteFacedIbis01_zpsu11s7zol.png

 photo WhiteFacedIbis02_zpsytqqsgpg.png

 photo WhiteFacedIbis03_zpsrzaceb4d.png

White Pelicans:
 photo WhitePelican01_zpsmuaxtmku.png

 photo WhitePelican02_zpsjsbvkgqe.png

Yellow-headed Blackbirds:
 photo YHBlackbird01_zps6rmoe8cy.png

 photo YHBlackbird02_zpsayzyctzi.png

 photo YHBlackbird03_zpsmjak3own.png

 photo YHBlackbird06_zps8quif6jy.png

A baby Yellow-headed Blackbird:
 photo YHBlackbird04_zpsvp0lpcga.png

 photo YHBlackbird07_zps4wzgkep9.png

Who was subsequently fed by this fella:
 photo YHBlackbird05_zpsurbqtdey.png
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