Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

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  • Sun, 14:26: FUCK you, @MMFlint. I can evaluate 2 candidates & tell which one is worse for the country. It's condescending of you to call me a "victim."
  • Sun, 14:30: I am so happy when a patronizing prick mansplains my "victimhood" to me. It's the best thing ever.
  • Sun, 22:21: THE END. 1686 words. Which would be great--if I didn't have a 750-word limit. Gaaaaaah.
  • Mon, 01:03: Missed the limit by 99 words. ARGH. Oh, well. The longer story is better, honestly, and I can turn it into something I can sell. Win.
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