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Farmington Bay #birdwatching pictures!

Turns out I had forty-one photos I really liked from yesterday's outing. I'm going to split them into three posts because I know some people still have slow internet. And under the cut they go!

American Avocets:
 photo Avocet01_zpsn6je4ruk.png

 photo Avocet02_zpsjxtqa2bg.png

A different kind of "bird" (a B-17 did a fly-by, it was so cool):
 photo B17_zpsgo7fn83q.png

Barn Swallows:
 photo BarnSwallow01_zpsrb5cxnvl.png

Black-Crowned Night Heron:
 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron01_zpsv7bswktl.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron02_zpsi1bfgyg4.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron03_zpsmq8z9gwe.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron04_zpsya7bv9nv.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron05_zpsy1kkarx3.png

 photo BlackCrownedNightHeron06_zpswchlzwjj.png

Black-Necked Stilts:
 photo BlackNeckedStilt01_zpszijg517c.png

 photo BlackNeckedStilt02_zps2pt15j39.png

 photo BlackNeckedStilt03_zpsdprnapmm.png

Cattle Egrets:
 photo CattleEgret01_zpsuhhnz8ub.png

 photo CattleEgret02_zpswzb0l6d9.png
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