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More Farmington Bay #birdwatching pictures!

Cinnamon Teal:
 photo CinnamonTeal01_zps6dy7mrzz.png

Giant cloud of flies:
 photo CloudOBugs_zps3vnd9ru8.png

Long-Billed Dowitchers and White-Faced Ibis:
 photo DowitchersampIbis_zpsliletyst.png

Great Blue Herons:
 photo GreatBlueHeron01_zpsqtpk8da5.png

 photo GreatBlueHeron02_zpso5kwykzz.png

 photo GreatBlueHeron03_zpsalncqhsh.png

A little tiny jumping spider, close-up:
 photo JumpingSpider01_zpsmagg1ntg.png

Long-Billed Dowitchers:
 photo LongBilledDowitchers01_zps94by4vnj.png

 photo LongBilledDowitchers02_zpsbof5zcxe.png

 photo LongBilledDowitchers03_zpsozlay06j.png

 photo LongBilledDowitchers04_zpsngbd8cn1.png

 photo LongBilledDowitchers05_zpsl2w5b2v6.png
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