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YAY, CONduit!

Dude, I don't know if they have this extensive of a writing track every year, but I'm so in if they do.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go yesterday. The bug that's been making its rounds through the Hubby and Da Boy whacked my sister Friday night, and we spent five hours in the emergency room with her, getting her re-hydrated. She's much better now, and the Hubby took her to the airport today. Hopefully she'll check in soon.

I got to talk to howardtayler and buy one of his Schlock Mercenary books and get it autographed and a drawing in the back. I met him at LTUE in February and he was really nice to me then, and today I mentioned that I sold my first story, had a short conversation with him before retiring to go stare at the A&tS story. A few minutes later he hunted me down across the hall and handed me this:

Saying I'd inspired him.

HOW COOL IS THAT??? Watch this space for a change in my default user icon, because, dude.

I also get to send the rest of the CatFeet fic to Bob Defendi for an "in-depth" crit. WHEE!

I took lots of notes and got to catch up with kenrand and snarking_boojum. I got all the autographs I wanted. I still have money left.

I will call this a "win."

Especially since Howard did this for me in the back of the book I bought from him:

If anyone wants me to cut the images, I will, but they're SO PRETTY they deserve to be right there on the page, IMNSHO. :)
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