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Tell me again how @monsterhunter45 wants to keep women writers down...

So, I'm at SLComicCon this weekend (as one is if one has a modicum of sense, lives here, and is in The Business), and talking to Larry Correia at the WordFire Press booth. The Man Himself, Kevin J. Anderson, wanders by, and Larry hollers at him, introduces me, and tells him that I need to bypass the slush pile when I submit my novel.

Kevin says "If we publish her, will you do a front-cover blurb?" Without hesitation, Larry says "Yep." "Book bomb?" "You betcha."

I suppose, to be fair, the novel is more urban fantasy than SF, but the nanotech gives it SF trappings and it is SF by Analog standards, so. What a terrible person the International Lord of Hate is. Yep, that Larry Correia dude, he sure does hate the wimmenfolk who are, you know, destroying SF.

This is me, snorting loudly and at great contemptuous length at that notion.

And this was the day after I started my novel pitch to the handsome and hard-working Peter Wacks, one of the acquisitions editors at Wordfire. He stopped me at my fifth word and said "Send me a chapter." *flail* This is, of course, the part where my self-confidence takes a nose-dive even though I adore my novel, but I am going to by-golly send him a damn chapter and see what happens.

It was a good weekend.
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