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More Year in Review stuff

So, I had six stories published this year in various places. Looking at them, I realize that there is no possible way to shoehorn me into any one fixed genre.

Of Were-Critters, Widow Women, and Water Rights is a weird western with a werewolf, a were-bear, and a pair of witches. It's a novelette of a little over 15,000 words.

War of the Were-Mice is a humor flash piece.

Bear Essentials is an unashamed space opera. It's a short story, around 6500 words.

Servile Spirits to Invent is a dark fantasy with steampunk sensibilities that slides into horror on the last line. It's a short story, around 5200 words.

The Road to Hell is a near-future cautionary hard SF tale. It's a short story, around 4200 words.

Habeas Felis is a straight-up secondary-world fantasy. It's a novelette, around 9000 words.

This is the beauty and also the trap of short fiction. There's no "branding" here--but chances are, there's something for everyone.

I guess this also serves as my "these are my stories eligible for awards in 2015" post.
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