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I bought some gorgeous art...

at Conduit this weekend. And gorgeous art demands gorgeous framing. So today we wandered over to Michael's to see if there was something I could buy off the shelf that would work for a pair of 7x14 pieces.

...not particularly, it turns out, at least not there.

BUT. I was looking at the pieces, and then I thought, "You know, I could totally frame these together with some special matting, and they would look very spiffy." So, I now have a frame, a mat board, and some black feathers to pull the thing together with, and that's going to be my evening project, I think. Not only that, but the frame came with a mat I can repurpose for one of these other wolf pictures I have. Man, frames are expensive, but I didn't spend nearly as much as I thought I might have to in order to get something special. Win. I will post a photo when I get it how I want it.

I also picked up a pair of dragon charms, and now I have some earrings to go with my new dragon shirt. They're in the same motif as my wolf/typewriter earrings, so now I can wear one wolf and one dragon when I wear the shirt with the wolf and the dragon baying at the moon.

In other news, I have garnered three rejections on my day so far, and the day is not yet over. Gyah. That being said, I have subbed three things today, one of which was one of those rejected stories, and one of which was to a market that rejected me today, so I guess that's a wash.
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