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*beats this scene to DEATH*

There is a rule: If your characters need to be out of character for your scene to work, then your scene doesn't work.

So, this scene probably needs to be excised altogether. There is no earthly reason my bad guys would stick Ben in a cage rather than just strap him to a table out of hand.

...but I like this scene. It serves the purpose of introducing us to a new character and cementing the assholery of an old one so we don't feel bad when Ben eats him. The new character has a starting point for growth, as well, here, and I'm not sure how I shoehorn that into the next scene where he actually is strapped to the table.

I realize that I Am The Writer and I should thus know how to do this, and I should probably just Sit Down And Do It, but OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Kill your darlings.
Tags: pack dynamics
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