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I vaguebooked about a couple of things today...

But I have leave to talk about one of them, so I will!

I was invited to write villain intros for this game a few weeks ago. So, in between sending my edits back to the editor and getting the second round back, I scribbled a thing for the Demon-Prince, because, dude, I can write a demon prince in my sleep, right? And hey, it pays ten cents a word, which is better than pro rates in this biz.

Well. They liked it so much that they not only accepted it, but they asked me to write more.

I've also got good news on the Zombies! story front; we should be seeing movement on that fairly soon as well.

And I got notice today that I passed slush at a podcast market I want desperately to crack, and word yesterday from another podcast market that all five of my subs are alive and kicking there.

...it's been a good week.
Tags: lord of the dead, sales!
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