Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

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  • Thu, 14:19: OH AND. If you buy the dead tree version of my novel on Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for half price! http://t.co/YXzllqRhSI
  • Thu, 16:13: *outlining book 2* Oh my GOD, how did I end up with this many characters? Someone just shoot me. No, wait. I'll shoot THEM! Yes. Eventually.
  • Thu, 17:31: RT @jmdblog: @JulieCFrost Chapter 1: Wherein Everyone Gets Shot and the Author Introduces a More Manageably Sized Cast
  • Fri, 10:51: Book Bomb results. You guys are the BEST. <3 http://t.co/oY3PoVavQz
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