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I had a ton of fun on @DCR_show (Dungeon Crawlers Radio) last night!

And, in case you missed the live episode last night, it's archived here. We talked about my book, hinted at a sequel, and discussed short stories, Robert Downey, Jr., and other fun topics. They'd even seen "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," making the total number of people who've even heard of it fourteen instead of just twelve!

Give it a listen and show them some love. <3

Also, for anyone in the Salt Lake City area, I'm doing the "Local Authors and You" event at the Viridian Center in the West Jordan Library tomorrow from 1pm-5pm. Lots of workshops throughout the day, including one by me titled "The Art and Science of Psychotic Persistence" at 1:00. There will be giveaways every half hour, so come and check it out.
Tags: events, pack dynamics, robert downey jr
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