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Happy New Year! Time for a Writing Year in Review post...

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Let's get the worst out of the way first. I only managed to pen six complete stories this year. Two of them were flash. One was a collaboration starring dogeat_underdog and notsogrimoire. The wordcount total was a pathetic 28,800 words. I vow to do better this year, because Meh.

That being said.

Of stories written this year: the two flash pieces sold to these guys at far more than pro rates. The collaboration is being held for further consideration at a market I desperately want to crack. Another one has garnered a Finalist nod at Writers of the Future. It won't win, but, dude. And a different one made Honorable Mention at WotF.

As for other stats? I submitted short fiction 310 times. I ended up with 199 form rejections, 92 personal rejections, 1 non-response, and 12 acceptances, which is nearly twice as many as I got last year, and fills the "10 acceptances in a year" Career Bingo Square. I still have 25 stories out on sub right now. Yes, some of those sales were reprints. Shut up. They count. I also got my first audio acceptance from StarShipSofa, which filled another Bingo Square.

Stories published this year, in no particular order:
"The Affairs of Dragons": A reprint in the Far Orbit: Apogee anthology.
"Bear Essentials": A reprint published as both a standalone and part of an anthology by Digital Science Fiction.
"That Which Is Hidden": Published in the Chronology antho by Curiosity Quills, winner of the 2013 Salty Dog Contest at Salt City Steam.
"Guardians of Public Safety": Published in the 1st and Starlight antho with a bunch of other Writers of the Future Finalists.
"Daddy's Little Girl": published in the Putrefying Stories anthology put out by Stupefying Stories.
"Soul Harvest" and "Blood Rite": A pair of villain origin stories for Lord of the Dead by Pocket Option Games. I did the demon and the vampire and am well pleased with both.

The big news, the giant news, the colossal news, of course, was that my novel Pack Dynamics was accepted and published by WordFire Press. The editing process completely ate my brain (I'm blaming that for the fact that I got so little actually written this year). It was scary, taking out an entire character, especially in the time frame I had to do it for the production schedule to work out how we wanted.

But we managed it, and it was released at Salt Lake ComicCon--and we sold out of copies in the booth. Then the handsome and hard-working Larry Correia did the book bomb, and it hit #26 in the most competitive category on Amazon. It's garnered 24 4- and 5-star reviews, so far.

I am thrilled and humbled and very, very blessed.

What lies ahead for this year? With any luck, a sequel to the novel and twelve shorts. Anyone should be able to write a short story a month, right? RIGHT???

Thank you all for coming on this ride with me. May your 2016 be filled with wild success.
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