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Tomorrow's Project:

Sit down with the stories I haven't completed and figure out where they're going and why I haven't finished them. I have at least three on the front burner and Lord knows how many on the back burner. If I can finish most--or just some--of them this year, it'll be a very good year indeed. I need to stick them all in one folder and see just how many there are. I can think of six altogether off the top of my head that are relatively recent.

I should also at least stare at the novel sequel outline.

I actually finished today's project, a flash piece for a contest on a board I'm a member of. I'm pretty pleased with it, as it proves a couple of things to me:
1. I am not broken. I can still finish things.
2. I can whack words like nobody's business. It started at 915 words, and ended at 749. I may expand it later, but at this point I'm pretty happy with it. The limit for the contest was 750 words. Go, me!

However, right now my eyeballs are doing the sandpaper thing, which tells me it's bedtime.
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