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Today's writing to-do list

Read and rate Weekend Warrior stories.

Edit my own WW story with the ending the Hubby suggested, because it is awesome. Ha. I like this much better.

Check to see if anyone besides Digital Horror opened for subs today, because I have three novelettes still looking for homes.
After a giant pain-in-the-ass process because gmail is a butthole, I managed to sub one of those novelettes. Yay. Now I have 30 subs out.

Write 1000 new words (or get to an END, whichever comes first) in one of my WIPs.

At least stare in befuddlement at this damned novel outline.

Also, today is payday, and that means a trip to the bank and also Best Buy, because BB is having a sale on "The Man from UNCLE" on bluray for $9.99.
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