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My LTUE Schedule!

...it don't ever go smooth.

Last night I spent hours (again) wrestling with my business cards. I have finally beaten them into submission, and have a usable Word template. Avery's Wizard thing kept crashing Word, so I finally ended up just doing it by hand. Go, me. They're printing now. Thank the dear and fluffy Lord for wireless printing.

Anyway, anyone who's going to be in the remote vicinity should come to LTUE, a most excellent writing symposium. The Guest of Honor is my publisher, Kevin J. Anderson, and you can learn a lot, hang with pros, and have a great time. The venue is terrific. Wall plugs everywhere. Of course, I now have a computer with a 9-hour battery life, so I'm not married to electricity anymore, but still.

I'm on seven panels:
Selling Short Stories -- 3pm, Arches

Writers and Illustrators of the Future--What is it and Who Can Enter? -- 9am, Cedar
Writers of the Future--Increasing Your Chances -- 7pm, Birch

Cross-Genre Successes -- 9am, Birch
Workshopping Your Fiction -- 10am, Maple
Giving and Accepting Critique -- 5pm, Timpanogos
Escaping Semi-Pro Hell -- 6pm, Aspen

I will also be staying overnight in the hotel Thursday and Friday, because I have no wish to drive 45 minutes home at midnight in February in Utah. The weather this weekend is not going to be terrible, but you just never know what it's going to be doing this time of year. I'm going to play Saturday by ear, but I'm probably driving home Saturday night, because that's a hundred bucks I don't really need to spend.
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