Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

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  • Wed, 18:16: 24-hr story commences NOW. Yes, there's a werewolf, b/c if I have to write a whole story in a day, I am staying in my damn comfort zone.
  • Wed, 19:19: HAH. 439 words. First scene break. And, yes, I also defaulted to a first person male protag, because that's how I damn well roll. :p
  • Wed, 22:12: Down in the Loew's lobby by the window. Who wants to Word War with me? #amwriting #WotF32 #wotf2016
  • Wed, 23:03: Have moved my business up to the mezzanine, which is much quieter and less crowded than the bar. Maybe NOW I'll get some #amwriting done.
  • Thu, 00:21: ONE THOUSAND WORDS. Hey, check out my body count. #amwriting
  • Thu, 10:14: Oh, look, three rejections in less than six hours. That's a real confidence-builder, right there...
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