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MisCon prep continues apace!

Today, I have:

Paid my bills
Printed out my business cards
Gotten groceries
Gone to the bank
Gotten the windshield replaced in the PT Cruiser
Gotten the alternator replaced in the Challenger
Programmed my DVR
Picked up my Deadpool bluray
Picked up the copy of Locus Magazine that I'm in

I've also worked on edits on the WotF24hour story. I'm much happier with it, as my protag really needed an onscreen epiphany rather than having it just hinted at. I have printed out the stories for the writers' workshop as well, but I haven't dived into those just yet.

I've changed my hotel reservation from arrival Thursday to arrival Friday (saving me $140), and made flight reservations. I will check the loads Thursday night and decide if I'm actually going to fly out (Oh, God, I hope so, I do not want to drive 8 hours up and 8 hours back, plus it saves me gas money).

I still need to clean two bathrooms, get the PT Cruiser actually inspected (which I will do Wednesday, since it's Free Sticker day at the inspection place), and pack. Packing entails digging out the Butcher and Rothfuss books I want signed in this go-round.

But hey. I've done good work today. Maybe I should sit back and relax with a bad werewolf movie or a good Tollywood flick...
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