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More MisCon prep...

My house is now (relatively) clean.
I have packed the books I want to have signed.
I have packed everything else, except for my computer and my deodorant, both of which will go in when I'm done using them tomorrow.
I have printed out two copies of the story I collaborated on with my RP partner.
I have made and printed my "Writer at Work" sign, which amuses me because I am easily entertained.
I have printed out the part of the RoboBunny story I'm going to read at my reading.

All I have left is:
  • Turn off Facebook notifs (because I really do not want to have to keep track of a couple hundred of those per day while I'm at a convention, or come home to "AOL: 800" in my X-notifier).
  • Check the airline loads again, which I should do a bit later today to get a more accurate idea of whether I'll be able to get a seat on tomorrow's flight.
  • Finish the workshop crits. I'm mostly done with those, but I'd like to poke them a bit more.

I still feel like I'm forgetting something, and I no doubt have, because I always do. But I'm as ready (at this point) as I will ever be.
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