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Today's to-do list:

So much on the writing plate. And I should also take care of my family. If I have to. I guess. :p

  • Grass the pigs. (Not that kind of grass, you weirdos.)
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Wash the sheets & remake the bed.
  • More novel outline. Clearly I should have a scene where Ben is kidnapped and tied to something, because that's how I roll. And, oh, God, what does Megan want...
  • Work on the rewrite request I got from this market I desperately want to crack. Yeah, the worldbuilding in this thing is weak. I can fix that!
  • Beta reading my Writing Budddy's Thing.
  • Beta reading this Other Thing.

Keeping my inboxes clear is an ongoing project. The one I care about is clear. The one I use for commercial crap is clear. Now I just need to clear the social media one.

The good news is that I added a new card to my novel outline this morning, very first thing. And... Oooooooooooh... *cue evil laughter* *adds another card*

I am diabolically brilliant. It's fortunate that I use my powers for good.
Tags: pack dynamics 2, to-do
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