Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Writing plate is rather full; it's a good place to be.

Apparently this is the week of "Yes, I can do that." (Hat-tip to Kevin J. Anderson.)

Can you get these edits done in a week? Yes, I can do that.

Can you help me write this fight scene in a universe you adore? Yes, I can do that.

Can you write a blurb for this novella? Yes, I can do that.

Can you get me this novel outline by mid-July? Oh, God, I hope so. Yes, I can do that.

Can you write a story for this anthology? Yes, I can do that.

The last one, I have asked myself, not being actually invited. But I am doing some really interesting research for it, and I love weird westerns (I've written two, both of which have been published), and OMG lookit those anchor authors I want to be in this thing so freaking much yes please. Hubby and I hashed out the basic plot over dinner last night (and, had I thought about it, I would have saved that receipt for tax purposes, because that meal was totally writing-related even if it didn't start out that way). I can, most certainly, write a 3000-7000-word story by the end of September. The outline commences now.

In other news, we have sold the airplane. The kitten continues to be amusing, and she and Grace sniffed noses with no hissing this morning. And, in case you missed it, Far Fetched Fables is going to do an audio version of my cat-hoarding dragon story.

Good things happening.
Tags: airplane, cat-hoarding dragon, cats, writing meta
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