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Clearly, I am a tool of the patriarchy & am microaggressing myself...

So I just did an exercise where I checked the list of stories I consider "complete" and looked at what point of view they're in. Because I like having fun with numbers and stats and things, and finding out what our own biases are is always interesting. I knew I tended to default to male first person POV, because that's just how I roll. But the raw numbers are fun.

So, out of 56 stories:
  • 8 are in female POV
  • 39 are in male POV (one of these is an angel, who is technically agendered but presents as male)
  • 8 swap between them
  • 1 is in a sort of omniscient POV
  • of the 8 in female POV, 7 are in first person
  • of the 39 in male POV, 33 are in first person

Is this a problem? Do I need to "fix" it?

In a nutshell, no, and no. As long as I'm (1) aware of what I'm doing, (2) why, (3) am willing to mix it up, and (4) am doing what the story tells me to do, I think I'm all right.

My brainstorming session for the current Thing I'm working on went sort of like this:
Okay, weird west. Obviously there's a werewolf, because that's how I roll.
Hm. Circuses are neat. Research them. Oh, interesting, I'll do that!
...of course my protag is female.

And it went on from there. The story picked the protag it needed to be cool and interesting and fun, and that's usually what happens. Do I have an unconscious bias toward male protags? Ha, no, I have a totally conscious bias toward male protags, and I'm okay with that because they're more fun to break. I mean, seriously, my guys get beat to absolute shit in a lot of my stories because I am not a good person, and I am frankly uncomfortable doing that to a woman character. Make of that what you will.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go back to torturing uh, Imean, wait, no, that's pretty much exactly what I mean, this lady wolf. But it's okay. She's strong. She can take it.
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