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I was made SAD today.

We went out to Grantsville to go birdwatching, as one does. Kind of got skunked on birds, though I snapped some pix of a hawk I haven't been able to ID yet, and saw some turkey vultures indulging in roadkill, so that was kind of cool if you're into that. But that wasn't what made me sad.

Hubby is in search of a very specific car ('68 or '69 Ford Fairlane or Torino Fastback) to turn into a road-worthy race car. In the interests of that, we stopped at a junkyard in Grantsville (McBride's) to see if they had one that would suit.

They may. Hubby will have to do some research, because they have the Mercury version of the thing, which is slightly different. We shall see.


You guys, they had so many old cars there. Literally dozens of Studebakers. Old T-birds. AMCs that you don't see anymore. DeSotos, Plymouths, and Oldsmobiles from the 40s. Just... decades of automotive history, rusting away in this place.

But that's not the sad part. I mean, as long as they're there, then they might someday be rescued and given a good home.

No. The sad part is that the place is about to get turned into residential homes. And therefore, all those cars? Are going to the crusher in a few weeks.

So. If you know anyone who's into old stuff, or who might get into old stuff, or likes restoring old stuff, have them PM me, and I'll give them the guy's phone number.

Because, seriously, the notion of all those things being destroyed forever is depressing.
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