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Today was kind of epic.

We headed out to the junkyard in Grantsville to pick up a new project car for the Hubby. It's either a '68 or '69 Mercury Cyclone fastback that he's going to turn into a street-legal 8-second drag car and also all-around racer. The project will be amazing.

While there, we wandered about and found that there are three Volvo 544s that would make a good start on a complete car, and also a bunch of Studebakers of the same model (not sure what they were, though; will have to go back and look). Hubby is open to building one for me. I would love to rescue something more from this yard, I really really would.

I also got some plotting done for the Pack Dynamics sequel. I've figured out most of the seven-point structure bits, at least, and I know exactly where I'm going to hit Ben where he absolutely lives because it's my job to be a sadist like that. So. I am making progress on that front, though not as quickly as I'd like. Noveling is hard, yo.

And then we went and saw "I Am Not a Serial Killer" on the big screen. Max Records and Christopher Lloyd do such a great job, and the movie is amazing. Definitely going in the video collection when it comes out. So much love, and congrats to everyone involved.

I am well pleased with my day.
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