Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Here's a peek behind my curtain.

I realize that no news is, at least, not bad news, but at this point in the month I usually have around twenty new subs made. This month? Four. WHY IS MY INBOX EMPTY. (That is not a question; it is a cry to the Heavens.)

No, seriously, I have twenty-eight stories out right now, which is about normal for me because I have an embarrassment of riches. Eight of them are in the black on the Submission Grinder, while twenty of them are either orange or red (which means they're past the time of either "average" response, or the response time they say they'll give you). At least one is still black because there's no data yet--I'm the only submission, or they haven't gotten back to anyone because they're a new publication.

Six of them are being held for further consideration, that they've told me, and one of those is all but sold. I'm thinking a couple of others are being held as well, but they haven't let me know. There's a few I know I should query on, and I will on Sunday after this conference.

Just. Augh.

*shakes the tree HARD before toddling off to the League of Utah Writers Fall Conference*
Tags: fic subs, writing meta
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