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The folks who didn't come to the American Fork Library author event today missed out.

However, I did not miss out, because I tied for the win for the flash fiction contest with the handsome and hard-working Kevin Nielsen. The prompt was "Fire and/or Water," and since I'm not going to sub this anywhere, I give it to you as a little bit of free fiction. It stars Alex and Megan, and... go:

"Alex. What. In the world. Is that."

Megan's eye was amber. Again. I cringed, but not much, because this was really cool. Also, the scotch I'd consumed the previous night hadn't worn off yet.

"The fleasel was such a success, I thought I'd try a dragon." It had started as a green tree monitor, but now it had wings. And-- "Watch out!"

It burped out a flame, which set some paper ablaze. I grabbed a water bottle and dumped it over the paper, the dragon, and Megan's three-hundred-dollar Jimmy Choos.

"No," she said, in a tone that brooked no argument.



"I'll give it to Chambliss to... take care of?" Our butler knew a portal to someplace where questions weren't asked about things like dead bodies. Presumably, dragons too.

Ah, well. Maybe my next creation wouldn't try to set my wife on fire.
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