Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Unpacking my thoughts about the election.

Disclaimer: Everyone here knows I'm conservative, right? I'm pretty sure this is not a secret.

Well. I'm not happy about this election. Obviously. I haven't been happy since Trump won the GOP nomination. That being said, while I don't trust him to do what he said he'd do, I certainly did trust Hillary to do exactly what she said she'd do, to wit: open borders, dismantling the 2nd Amendment, and shitting all over the rest of the Constitution via her Supreme Court picks.

So I'm a lot less unhappy than I would have been if Hillary had been elected. Mainly because of the Supreme Court (so long as he does what he said he'd do, which is a laughably open question, especially since I'm not sure he's even read the Constitution, which he might want to at least scan before he takes the Oath of Office), but also because it will be nice to have someone in high office who actually respects at least one of our laws--the border.

I am fairly certain that Trump's nomination and subsequent win was Middle America lifting a giant middle finger to the political Elites who think they Know Better. It was a protest vote of massive proportions. Whether said Elites will actually listen... well. I have my doubts. Because why should they start being actually sensible?

Please remember that we just elected a President. Not a King, and not a Dictator. In order for Trump to get most anything he wants, he will have to run it past a Congress wherein Establishment Republicans hate his guts and won't give him a pass just because he has an R after his name. Also, the press might actually start doing its damn job as watchdogs. Won't that be refreshing.

He is not going to round everyone up (not even everyone who's here illegally, because that's physically impossible) and send them off to concentration camps. At worst, illegal aliens will have to go back where they came from and actually jump through the hoops that their legal-immigrant brethren did. The horror. No, it's not nice, but, you know, neither is breaking the law. Don't do the crime, and all that.

The Syrian refugee situation is sad, but I fail to see how it's our problem. I would have more sympathy if we were bringing in Syrian Christians, because they're the ones whose lives are really on the line in places like that, and they have nowhere to go in the Islamic Middle East that's actually safe for them, but that's not what's happening here.

Our vetting system sucks, and Europe is most certainly not benefiting by the flood of refugees crossing their borders. Just ask Swedish and Danish women how that's working out for them. Hint: not well. And it amazes me how Hillary somehow gets a pass on her misogyny (after staying married to a serial rapist/sexual predator and then attempting to destroy the lives of her husband's many accusers), while Trump is, I guess, Satan Incarnate for saying "Hey, maybe these folks who belong to a religion that sees women as far less than equal and likes to throw gay people off buildings should be more closely examined before we let them in." But no, that's "racist," even though Islam is not a "race" and never has been.

I'm cautiously optimistic, at this point. Ask me in a year how I feel what I think about this.
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