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Note to, oh, everyone: Just because I write werewolf fiction doesn't mean I'm into furry porn.

I will not name names here, but I will put forth the story as a cautionary tale.

I freely admit that I am mercenary, and I will write damned near anything if you throw enough money at my head. So when someone approaches me with an opportunity to "write for a movie or TV show," sure, I'm intrigued, but wary. When you say "Don't ask me about the money because I'm the least qualified person to handle it," I am less intrigued and more wary. When you tell me that you want ten professional writers for main plot, character, and worldbuilding stuff, plus an unknown number of amateur writers giving input (that can be vetoed by the "pro" writers), it starts sounding like a mess. Especially when you have yet to explain the actual premise of it to me but are acting like I'm wholly on board and signed up when I've said no such thing.

And then, when I put the title of the project together with the art you show me, and the penny drops for me that this thing is probably something not in my wheelhouse--that it is, in fact, an x-rated outer-space harem manga with one human-looking dude and seven human/alien hybrid women and a "feminist balance" (whatever the hell that means--I'm going with "lots of voyeuristic lesbian sex," here, but I could be wrong)? And I mention that I don't write women too often and that I have a problem with third-wave feminism? And your reaction is to block me from your personal facebook and the project's facebook too?

Well, dude. I think I just dodged a bullet.

I mean, this is clearly one of those "I have this great idea, you should write it (along with nine other people and these artists too!) and we'll split the proceeds!" things. This guy has no earthly idea what he's really getting into, or trying to get other people into. The mind boggles at what kind of contract he'll come up with. Successful shared worlds do not work like this, or, at least, do not work like my tiny peek behind the curtain seemed to imply.

I would love to know why this guy thought I'd be perfect for writing his furry space orgy porn for him, or why he thought such a project would appeal to me, the conservative Christian who is (probably) old enough to be his mother. But he blocked me in a snit, so I guess it shall remain a mystery.

Tags: professional behavior--or not, rants, writing business
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