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Happy New Year! How about a Writing Year in Review post?

When last we left me, it hadn't been a super year other than the really obvious novel-publishing highlight. So, where are we for this year?

Short story writing continued to be... fairly dismal. I completed only five and a half, two of which were flash. One of them is so silly that I decided no one would buy it, and so I've created a brochure out of it to give away as a freebie. The other one is *cough*problematic in today's political climate. (A police officer who is also a werewolf hunter pulls a guy over for a burned-out taillight, finds out that he's a werewolf, and, well, shoots him. Yeah. He doesn't die and she eventually lets him go, but.). I was going to lengthen that one and revise it significantly, but that plan went astray somewhere along the way.

Everything I did this year was werewolves. I did another in space, another in the Old West, and one in modern-day... England? I guess? None of them have gotten any traction anywhere, but, you know, they're werewolf stories. Editors apparently hate them.

The half story, I was invited by the handsome and hard-working Bryan Thomas Schmidt to collaborate on him with, and that one will be appearing in an anthology of stories set in Larry Correia's Monster Hunter universe. So, uh. I'm a Baen author now! So thrilled, and the story was so much fun to write.

So, ha, remember that story I said wouldn't win Writers of the Future, this time last year? Well. IT DID. And I got to go to Hollywood, and it was amazing and fun and whirlwindy and like drinking from a fire hose. I really hope they invite me back. The story has gotten some really nice reviews, including from Tangent Online. An Amazon reader called it "powerful, bizarre, and haunting." Not bad for something I didn't think had any chance whatsoever of even getting an Honorable Mention, let alone winning.

I sold a total of 15 stories this year, so not quite enough for the next bingo square. Nine of those were reprints, but getting paid twice (in some cases) for the same story is free money, so I'm not complaining. One of the publications that accepted a Ben story folded before publishing it *sob*.

Five of the sold stories have been published (links all go to Amazon):
Cry Havoc, in Writers of the Future 32.
Daddy's Little Girl, as a standalone short, and then in an anthology, by Digitial Fiction Publishing.
Servile Spirits to Invent, by Digital Fiction as a standalone.
Serendi-bunny, in the "Singular Irregularity" anthology.
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, by Digital Fiction as a standalone.

Then there were stories sold in 2015 that saw publication in 2016:
Meerkat Manners, by in Jouth#2.
The Cow and the Beanstalk, an audiofic at Far Fetched Fables, and also in an anthology called 2nd and Starlight.
Showing Faeries for Fun and Profit, also at Far Fetched Fables.

Raw numbers on the shorts:
Submissions: 249
Form Rejections: 165
Personal Rejections: 63
Acceptances: 15

The big project this year, which I finally kicked myself into gear on, is the sequel to "Pack Dynamics." I ended the year with 40,000 words in it. If I do a NaNo push this month, I might be able to stick an END at the bottom of it before LTUE in February.

Plans for this year? Finish PD2. Start PD3 (which I don't have a plot for yet, but I'm noodling the notion of the sequel that crashed and burned and I vowed would never see the light of day being Book 3, massively revised, of course, but oh God that thing is so messed up, possibly breaks my universe, and I'm not sure I a. want to go there, and b. want to break Ben that hard. Yes, even I have my limits, try not to die of shock). Twelve shorts, dammit. I should be able to average a short story a month even while working on a novel. I've proven I can bang out a 5000-word first draft in 24 hours if I have to (because doing so was part of the WotF workshop).

Thank you, once again, for coming along on this ride with me. May your 2017 be filled with wild success.
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