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I've been doing this a bit lately, what with the END at the bottom of the sequel to Pack Dynamics, and now one at the bottom of a (hopefully) humorous secondary-world fantasy short starring a pair of hapless friends and a two-headed dragon, with not a werewolf in sight. I know, I know, try not to die of shock. We'll code-name it "dragon treasure."

A deadline approaches, and I hope to get this banged into shape in time to send it to UFO6. This was a fun one to write, once I finally settled in to actually do it. We'll see how it sounds in the cold light of morning, but at this point I'm pretty pleased with it, especially since it came in at a little under 4600 words, well under the word-count limit, so I can stretch it if I have to.

All I can say is, it feels good to be producing fiction again.
Tags: dragon treasure, the end
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