Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

My @fyrecon schedule! Come out this Thur-Sat for a creative symposium.

FyreCon will be held June 8-10 at:
Weber State University – Davis Campus
2750 University Park Boulevard
Layton, UT 84041

12:30 -- Monsters That are Not Villains panel - Julie Frost (M), Larry Correia, Toni Weisskopf, and Wendy Knight.
3:30 -- Plot Bunnies: Picking an Idea (solo presentation). Similar to "Plot a story in an hour," we'll come up with a bunch of cool ideas and then figure out how to actually choose one to write.

9:30 -- 3-to-1 editing session
12:30 -- Fanfiction as a Learning Tool (with Patrick Tracy). Yes, you can learn about writing original fiction by dipping your toe into fanfic first.
1:30 -- Escaping Fanfic Hell (with Patrick Tracy). How to take what you've learned about writing fanfic and apply it to original fiction.
3:30 -- Author Spotlight. Come by and talk writing and werewolves with me!
5:30 -- The Short Story Submission Machine (with John Olsen). We'll talk about why you should even write short fiction in the first place, and then tell you how to figure out where to send it.

10:30 -- Why Writing and Art Contests are Important - David Farland, Dustin Steinacker, Jay Barnson, Jenna Eatough, and Julie Frost (M)
2:30 -- Genre Crossing: How Not to Break Your World - Ali Cross, Alyson Peterson, Gama Ray Martinez, Jaleta Clegg, and Julie Frost (M)
4:30 -- 3-to-1 editing session

I believe I'm also doing either a reading or a signing or some unholy combination of the two as well, but I'm not sure when. ETA: 3:30 on Friday.

Come join us! It's going to be awesome!
Tags: conventions

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