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Story sale!

Delighted to be able to announce that my Vampire Romeo&Juliet story, "Star-Crossed," will be published in the Venus anthology of Superversive Press's Planetary Fiction series!

It's been kind of a strange year, you guys. I've had a flurry of acceptances for stories starring Ben (my werewolf PI, for anyone who's new), and it looks like I'll have five of them coming out in the near future, in addition to the one in StoryHack Issue 0 released earlier this year.

The other four, in no particular order:
"A Particular Skill Set" -- The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Chambiss's origin story.
"Alpha Romeo" -- Mirages and Speculations. The story I call "Glam Ben," wherein he is hired to investigate the disappearance of several lady werewolves from a supernatural glam bar.
"Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night" -- StoryHack Issue 1. Accidental time travel, anyone?
"Bad Actors" -- 3rd and Starlight. Janni's story; they're hired by a vampire movie producer who's having trouble on the set.

This is so cool, you guys. Also, for anyone following along at home, I'm nearly done with the self-edits of Pack Dynamics 2, and I hope to have that done and off to the publisher by the end of the month.

...now, if only people would take the Alex stories off my hands...
Tags: chambliss's story, glam ben, janni's story, sales!, time-traveling ben, vampire romeo&juliet
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