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THE END. I haven't been able to write that for awhile...

Of course, the thing doesn't have a title yet, and it came out almost 800 words longer than the guidelines called for. However, nearly 6000 words since Tuesday night is nothing to sneeze at, and I am well pleased by my output.

I shall see if I'm actually well pleased by the story itself when I poke through it later. I feel like I may have rushed some stuff because I'm basically worldbuilding two entire werewolf mythos from scratch here, and a 5000-word limit is super confining when you're trying to do that and also tell a story with characters you're supposed to care about. So I don't know if I pulled it off, and I'm too close to it right now for an objective reading. Mostly it's just a vast sense of relief that, yes, I'm still capable of writing a real short story.

So. YAY.
Tags: ruma werewolves, the end
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