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It's a good problem to have...

But I have so much on my writing plate, you guys.

I have a short code-named "lunar werewolf penal colony" I'm attempting to scribble for an anthology. It's nearly two weeks late because my Muse is apparently on vacation or something, the recalcitrant bastard. 3500 words in, and it's stalled like a big stalled thing. Clearly I should just have a bunch of aliens walk into the room and eat one of the werewolves right now while they're arguing, in a variant of "punch him in the face, shoot him in the chest, or blow something up when you get stuck."

It's been pointed out to me that I really should write a short starring Noah, the poor sod in Pack Dynamics 2 who hires Ben to find his missing wife. Noah alludes to a "terrible situation" our villain rescued him from, once upon a time, but I never outright state what it was. I probably should. Good times.

Angry Bitter Angel needs to be novelized. This means I have to go through it and figure out where and how it gets expanded to at least twice its current length.

Hitman in Hell needs a map, and I should do character arc sheets for everyone in the damned thing. Or at least my four putative protags. Yes, four protags. Shut up.

Now that Pack Dynamics 2 is in the can, I need to think about PD3 and what it's going to be and how it's going to get there. I like the idea of doing the Wolfed Alex thing and forcing him to find a cure so he can, you know, do his job without freaking out the bunnies, but I'm terribly afraid that if I do that, it breaks my universe. I've got something like 8000 words written in that story and it may never go any farther. This makes me sad. In my heart.

The guys in "Cry Havoc" tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, you know this is a novel, right?" I banged my head on my keyboard and muttered, "yes." Have I plotted that out? No I have not. See above and all those projects ahead of this one.

Not to mention the fact that I've only written five short stories this year, two of which were flash pieces under a thousand words. My unsold backlist is getting thin and I need to bulk it up again.

*runs around in circles*

*takes a deep breath*

So. This is the part where I start treating this writing gig like a damn job.

Tomorrow, I will:
  • sit down and bang out at least a thousand words in Lunar Werewolf Penal Colony without regard to how much worldbuilding I'm skipping and feeling guilty for. I will fix that in post, if I have to, I guess.

  • outline one character arc for someone in Hitman in Hell. I have a workbook. I've got this. I'll do the easy one.

  • poke the novelization of Angry Bitter Angel.

  • if I have time, at least write down some ideas for what horrible situation Noah was rescued from. I actually do have an idea, and I think it ties in pretty well with the reason he didn't launch at our bad guy when... Well. You'll find out. *evil laughter* And, hey, I've written it down, just now, so go, me. Remember, kids, if you don't write it down, it never happened.

Oh, and somewhere in there I also need to decide if I'm going to put a couple more stories in with the novelette I'll be self-pubbing that takes place between Pack Dynamics 1 & 2. Clearly, the Noah story should go in there. It needs a cover, and I need to also learn how to do layout for epub and print.
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