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Huh. That's two completed drafts of two stories in one week. How did that happen?

So, yeah, I just stuck an END at the bottom of a story code-named "Mars is a hobo," which I began this morning and completed tonight. It's a draft, and it's short (2264 words), but I free-wrote an outline for it last night after getting a prompt from the handsome and hard-working Jon del Arroz when I told him the original Thing I was working on for him had stalled hard on me.

"The God of War and the Prince of Peace walk into a pub..." It sounds like the start of a bad joke, and the story isn't really funny (I don't think, but I could be wrong), but I rather like the weirdo little thing. I don't think I've ever used Jesus as a character before. Angels and demons, yes. Jesus Himself, no. Heaven help me.

Now I have to pound it (as always) into something that doesn't suck. This one strikes me as, possibly, Too Easy, Drill Sergeant, so I'll have to examine that and see what I think, and what my betas think the poor saps.

And, of course, it needs a title. But. Uh. Two stories this week. Short, but "finished," for certain values of "finished." I am well pleased.
Tags: mars is a hobo, the end
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