Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

I'm sure this is a stunner to all and sundry...

But, shockingly, my child, yes, I do actually care more about something in my industry that may affect me down the road much more than I care about something that probably (a) will not affect me at all, and (b) I cannot affect in the first place.

This post brought to you by the following things:
"Fire your agent if you want to be published with us" -- thankfully not a publisher I'm published by, and I will not touch these people with a twenty-foot pole after their very public and unprofessional Twitter meltdown (warning: gay porn if you scroll down far enough), and I don't have an agent anyway, but maybe some day, and wouldn't that be a shitty position to be in. I hope when they open for submissions again, they will put YOU WILL HAVE TO FIRE YOUR AGENT in big bold letters on the sub page so people can make an informed decision before deciding if they even want to send their manuscript to them.

Net neutrality, wherein I don't think the Federal government has any business sticking its big fat camel nose under that particular tent flap, doesn't do anything actually well to begin with, let alone "regulate" something as vast and sprawling as The Internet, and should just GTFO unless actual people are actually being actually victimized. And even then, rather than placing restrictions on what private businesses do, they should instead make it easier for more private businesses to move in and let free-market capitalism pick up the slack. Maybe then, if it doesn't, they can look at a giant regulation. Maybe. Because last time I checked, "regulating the interwebs" is not an Enumerated Power in the Constitution. I realize that the Constitution has gone out of style these days, but some of us still actually care about it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go bother some birds.
Tags: drama, professional behavior--or not, writing business
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