Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Not quite a year in review, but: STORY ACCEPTANCE. Number 20 on my year!

So, it's not quite time for me to do a writing year-in-review post yet. But I will say that I blew past my 150th rejection on the year without even noticing (only thought to check today, and had 152--and then another came into my inbox making it 153).

But the BIG news is that I've had 20 acceptances on my year, including a novel, book 2 of the Pack Dynamics series, coming soon to an Amazon page near you! That was a career bingo square that started coming down to the wire. Now, to be fair, one of those acceptances has been rescinded because the publication canceled the issue *cries*, but they still accepted it in the first place, so I'm counting it. :p

The 20th acceptance was for my story "Rebirth" for the Mars antho, solicited by Jon Del Arroz. The prompt: Mars is a hobo in NYC. Well, I took that and ran it right into the Wall of Wrong, as I tend to do. I don't THINK I'm going to Hell for writing it, but I guess I'll find out in due time.

So far, it's been a pretty good year! Never Give Up, Never Surrender.
Tags: mars is a hobo, sales!, writing meta
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