Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Well, I didn't get to do this yesterday because Birds, so let's have a Writing Year in Review!

First and foremost, I finished book 2 in Pack Dynamics. And it's been accepted. I have an editor. And we're shooting for it to debut at LibertyCon at the end of June.

Short fiction was a bit hit and miss. I wrote eight, two of which were flash under a thousand words, but they count, by golly. I also slid one in right under an anthology deadline because there were cries of SEND US YOUR STEAMING PILE OF WEIRD, so ... I finished it, and sent it.

Completed stories:
Rebirth (Mars is a hobo, by request): 2700 words (sold)
Gods and Little Fishes (underwater necromancer): 1800 words
Objects of Allegiance (Ruma werewolves, by request): 6000 words (sold)
Not All Treasure (dragon treasure): 4700 words
The Mercy of Martok (guinea pig sorcerer): 400 words
The Big Bad Wolf: an Apologia (BBW apologia): 600 words
Doc Borden's Hard-Luck Hoss (unicorn weird west): 2500 (sold)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Werewolf (werewolf painting): 1100

The novel came in at 85000 words, so I ended the year with 104800 completed, submitted words on my year. I have decided not to complain about that.

Ten stories were published (and this also serves as my "these are my award-eligible stories for 2017" list, so, you know. Go forth and nominate me?):
The Monster Without: StoryHack (Pack Dynamics short)
Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night: StoryHack (Pack Dynamics short)
Alpha Romeo: Mirages and Speculations (Pack Dynamics short)
Wild Irish Rose: Neo-opsis Magazine (Canadian)
Too Much for the Whistle: Astounding Frontiers 4, 5, 6
Apex Predator: The Ravenwood Halloween Special
Primitive Life Forms: The PulpRev Sampler
Bad Actors: 3rd and Starlight (Pack Dynamics short)
Huffman Strikes Back: Monster Hunter Files, co-written with Bryan Thomas Schmidt, ties in to Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International series.
Full Ride: The Centropic Oracle (audio)

Not everything I wrote this year was werewolves, but everything published was except for "Full Ride." As for raw numbers, I had 175 submissions, 21 acceptances, 110 form rejections, and 45 personal rejections. At this very moment, I have 22 stories out on submission. My number of subs keeps dropping because my output can't keep up with the folks taking things off my hands. My backlist is getting thin, yo.

Plans for this year? Complete two novels (Angry Bitter Angel and Hitman in Hell), and twelve shorts, while averaging 15000 words per month. Because anyone can write 500 words a day, right?

So, there you have it. Not my best, but... not bad either. I'll take it. Happy New Year!
Tags: writing meta, year in review
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