Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Starting my 2018 with a STORY ACCEPTANCE!

Shut up, we will not speak of the rejection I actually started my year off with.

So, my local chapter of the League of Utah Writers, the Infinite Monkeys, is putting an anthology together. The deadline was Dec. 31st, and the editor, the handsome and hard-working Paul Genesse, posted a three-hour-deadline warning on the Facebook page. I responded, "Yeah, I'm not making this unless you want a Steaming Pile of Weird." And of course everyone said YES SEND US THE STEAMING PILE OF WEIRD.

So I looked at the Steaming Pile of Weird I had been going to send, decided that story really deserves to be its Own Thing and also much longer than its under-1000-word length, and looked at what else I had. I wrote a thing last year for Codex Weekend Warrior where a werewolf traps himself in a painting Because Reasons, but the end never really came together for me. So I squinted at the comments again, thought "I think I can make this work," and rejiggered it. I sent the 1100-word story in with something like 20 minutes to spare. This just goes to show what you can do under deadline pressure.

And thus "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Werewolf" has been accepted into the anthology. No payment but a copy of the antho, but I'm happy to be in it and add another book to my groaning Brag Shelf. CELEBRATE!
Tags: sales!
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