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Okay, maybe I'm just over-sensitive, but am I the only one who finds this deeply offensive?

Alternative Theologies: Parables for a Modern Age. Which is fine, you do you and I'll do me, whatever. On the surface.

But when I drilled down into the guidelines, I just... made a face.

No, seriously, am I the only one who has a problem with this?

This is unabashedly critical look at the often hypocritical deviation of the religious right from their biblical and moral base. This will be a disturbing read for some.

Oh, do you think? Know what I think? I think that your "target audience" of evangelicals will run fast and far away from this as quickly as their legs can carry them, because we are sick to death of getting lectured about what hypocrites we are by people who manifestly do not share our faith and only crack a Bible open when they want to cherry-pick verses about "judging not" and such. All that will happen is that you will preach to your own choir (ha), and you will all nod knowingly at each other and say "Yes, this is exactly how it is."

Also, you accidentally a word there, and "Biblical" should be capitalized.

Humor and good will are key. A sharp wit and a sharper pen is the objective.

Honestly, I'm not seeing any good will here. I'm seeing a shrill scolding from people who think they're wits, but are probably only half right. Oh, I'm sorry, was that mean? That might have been a little mean. Know what I think is mean? Someone putting together an attack anthology aimed at getting people he disagrees with to "see the light" because he's just so much smarter than they are. I mean, the editor even commented on FB: "Think that this would be something you would want to be read by the religious right. Something that might help them to see."

Suuuuuure. Because I'm not screamed at every day from the Left about what a terrible intolerant person I am! I need a whole anthology to drive the point home! I love being atheist-splained. It's the best thing ever.

And, you know, I'm probably burning a bridge here, but looking at other anthos this outfit is putting together, I see them publishing something from me at the ass-end of never. Not that I would send them anything anyway. I'd rather get published by people who like me, rather than people who hold me in disdain. Unless, of course, the people who hold me in disdain throw more money than that at my head. I am, as I have said previously, mercenary. That being said, I wouldn't touch this particular antho with a twenty-foot pole, no matter what it paid, because I wouldn't want to be associated with it.

Hilariously, in the "Open Calls" FB community I'm a member of, no one saw anything the least bit wrong with this. However, you should have seen the wanksplosion over the call for the "To Be Men" anthology. I'd've thought the editor (whom they repeatedly misgendered, because obviously only a man would want to edit an anthology about manly virtues, right?) advocated puppy kicking and kitten drownings, and twice on Sunday, from the reaction she got. They threatened to send her explicit homoerotica, and I'm pretty sure more than one person actually did. But just as an FYI, I also sent her a Thing I thought would actually fit (after changing it from present tense to past) because I write guy people doing guy stuff, and she bought it. So there's that.

This? "Oh, hey, I've got twenty stories to pick from!" Cheers and applause. Dude, get a hobby. The contrast was marked.

It's super cute that this guy thinks anyone will read this thing except his own echo chamber, but hope springs eternal, I guess. Word to the wise: If you've got a target audience in mind, you might not want to start by crapping all over their faith. Just sayin'.
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