Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer

Wow, so I suck at this whole "promo" thing, don't I.

Apparently I have had three stories come out in anthos that I haven't yet added to the Sticky Posts. I would plead "busy," but I'm not, actually (though I should be).

So, here's what I've been up to lately:

Man-Made Hell was published in the "To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity" anthology, edited by Sirius Métier and published by Superversive Press. James Johnson is a werewolf on the run, questioning his sanity, who ends up working in an asteroid mine that skates the edges of legality and safety. Caught between hostile co-workers, the voices in his head, and a sympathetic barmaid, he's not sure if he's got space mania or if it's just Tuesday.

Yes, this is "Big Bad John" and "The Cajun Queen" (hat-tip to Jimmy Dean) set in space with a werewolf protagonist where all the characters are named after NASCAR people. You know you want to read this.

Predator/Prey Relationships was published in StoryHack 2, edited by Bryce Beattie. This is a Pack Dynamics novelette. Ben Lockwood, private eye and former Army Ranger, is ambushed by a hunter who enjoys playing a Most Dangerous Game with werewolves. Involuntarily de-wolfed and back to being a normal, squishy human, Ben must fall back on his training to hunt the hunter and recover his inner wolf.

Objects of Allegiance was published in Tales of Ruma, edited by Martin Greening, as a tie-in to the Ruma: Dawn of Empire RPG. Devyn, the eighth son of a Kellic chieftain, is bitten by a Ruman werewolf while both are out on reconnaissance on opposite sides of a precursor to invasion. The Rumans' foreign god of war is less than gentle, and Devyn is compelled to complete the Mars ritual--but it may be that his people have more to offer the Ruman wolves than their Caesar is willing to give them.

This makes 38 short stories published, with more in the pipeline...
Tags: pack dynamics, sales!
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