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Anyone who preordered "Dark Day, Bright Hour" from Amazon should have it on their Kindle or e-reader of choice. Anyone who didn't, well...


In case you missed my big splashy announcement, the novelthing known in these parts as "Hitman in Hell" was picked up by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press for publication a few months ago. It's got a fantastic cover by Jeff Sturgeon, and gorgeous interior illustrations by Laura Givens.

Understand that while I was outlining the thing, I realized that it's actually more about our reluctant demon escort than the hitman we start out with. Also understand that I did everything wrong (which I seem to have a habit of doing) in this thing, from four first-person POVs, to the fact that it's too Christian for the secular market and too gritty for the Christian market.

Derek's been secretly storing up power for millennia. He wants revenge on everyone on his list.

It’s a very long list.

But as a low-level crossroads demon, his chances of success are pretty much zero. Now he’s stuck escorting three idiots through Hell: a condemned hitman, a choir girl cast into the Pit by a clerical error, and her guardian angel—with whom Derek has a history, thanks very much.

With an infernal rebellion looming, along with a premature Armageddon, the black and withered thing Derek used to call a conscience rears its stupid head. Now he has a choice...

Rescue friends he never thought he'd make from a boss he never thought he'd defy. Or let it all burn and dance in the ashes.

You know you need this in your life. Amazon has the Kindle and dead tree versions. Also, the e-book is a buck less from Ring of Fire.
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