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Okay, flist, help me out...

I'm creating a "House, MD" drinking game. Need suggestions. Here's what I have so far:

Take a drink every time:

  • House says something about Cuddy's boobs or other body parts
  • Chase says something that reveals that his sex life is *cough* less-than-orthodox
  • A patient exhibits less-than-orthodox sexual behavior
  • House pops a Vicodin
  • House or Cuddy uses clinic hours as a bargaining chip
  • House and Wilson bicker like an old married couple
  • The Ducklings break into someone's house
  • They get a diagnosis wrong
  • Something about a clinic patient gives House a light-bulb moment when dealing with the POTW
  • A patient dies or goes into some sort of arrest
  • They bring him back
  • House lies or commits some subterfuge in order to get a patient the treatment he thinks they need
  • Someone goes up the stairs to avoid House
  • House uses his cane in a non-cane way
  • Race is brought up in relation to Foreman
  • Medi-cam!
  • House or one of the Ducklings gets bodily fluids on them somehow
  • Cameron makes doe eyes at House
  • Someone walks into the room uninvited when House is with a clinic patient
  • House asks Wilson for a consult on a non-cancer patient
  • Chase sulks or pouts
  • Wilson has a "non-date" with a woman who isn't his wife
  • House bullies a patient into a treatment
  • Cameron gets unnecessarily close to a patient
  • House snarks at her about it
  • Misdirection at the beginning on who the POTW is going to be
  • House plays with his Gameboy or watches a soap opera
  • House injects someone without an alcohol swab
  • They try a treatment JUST to see if they're right about a diagnosis
  • Some sort of wager is made

Please feel free to modify, add suggestions, etc.

Why, no, I'm not going to use it as a jumping-off point for a Spike&Angel snarkfest. Really. Would I do something like that?
Tags: drinking game, fannish stuff, house
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