January 15th, 2006

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I must be insane...

Because the Muse has been SO cooperative lately, I've signed up for the apocalyptothon and inlovewithnight's FluffyThon. At least I can sort of pick my fandoms a bit better for these, although if I get CSI:NY or House for the Apocalyptothon, I'm screwed. Writing out of my comfort zone lately has been of the bad.

My problem when I sign up for these things is generally coming up with a request for my own fic. Generally, if I want something written for me, I write it myself. So, the request requires more thought than I'm usually willing to put into something like this.

*kicks Antubis in his fuzzy pants*

And, hey! It's kantayra's birthday!!! *blows party horn and uploads anteaters* Happy Birthday!

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Well, that was aerobic!

Holy schnikies! What a game! But my beloved Steelers pulled it out after nearly giving me a heart attack, and now we're going to the AFC Championship game to play Denver next week. Bad officials! *whaps with rolled-up newspaper* Sometimes I wonder if they make the calls (or non-calls) they do in order to make the game closer. Argh and gyah.

Dude, my heart is still hammering away. I love sports.
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Bought a calendar today...

And I've figured out that I have thirteen paychecks between now and writercon. Which means that if I save roughly $67 per check, I'll have my $1000 target.

Um. That's a LOT. $50 a check was barely doable as it was. *eyes old laptop* Looks like I need to bite the bullet and list the damb thing on eBay. That'll get me (I hope) over a hundred bucks, if I'm lucky. I've got some books I could list as well, but I don't know how much I'd get for them. I guess anything is better than nothing, though. What a pain in the butt. I hate listing stuff on eBay. Maybe I'll see if my old partner wants to start doing tools again. Meh.