January 31st, 2006

wolf eyes

Um, stuff. Yeah.

Remember my last post about American Idol? I believe I insulted every moose learning bagpipes on the planet. Many apologies.

In other news, the FluffyThon fic is actually continuing apace. Scribbled over 600 words last night, and got the scene written I really wanted to write. I'm up to nearly 2000 words on the thing so far. I don't really have a plot, per se, but I have character development, so that's a Yay, I guess. And I signed up for the cya_ficathon. Because I'm on crack.

nodrogg pointed me at this site. Thirty-six pages of the stupidest humans on the planet, from the POV of Emergency Room attendants. Be afraid, be very afraid. But it's hours of cheap entertainment.

And now I bring....ICONS! Many icontests this week, one of which I actually garnered a Mod's Choice for at wash_icontest. *preens* Three I made for bogwitch's birthday. Several alternates for jayne_stills.


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