February 23rd, 2006

wolf eyes


I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew with this Fred-on-Serenity fic. No way is it going to be done by Saturday, although I may post what I have on the day as a teaser and let you folks on my flist have a go at it and bounce ideas for me. I've just realized that, although giving Mal an aneurism is wacky fun, explaining how Fred, and then Spike and Illyria together, got on the ship when they started from different places in LA and the ship was in a different place in space when they boarded...um, isn't. *headdesks*

And I still have no plot. I've got them on the boat with nothing to do and no reason for them to be there other than the author (that would be me) thinks it would be cool. Book-as-Watcher has been done to death (hell, I've done it), although... hm. Just had a thought about Inara, whom I usually don't give much to do.

Still not enough. Dammit.